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Established in 1995, HITS-UK has been creating software and systems for over fifteen years. We write apps for iPhone® and iPad® as well as Windows™ Windows™ Mobile and OSX.

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COPDfast®, COPDsoft® and COPDaudit® COPDfast® PYcalc™ COPDfast® FEVcalc™COPDfast® CalcKit™ is only available from HITS-UK/D Wade - any other copy is illegal and may issue incorrect data.
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Apps for Clinicians Improving Patient Outcomes

Since the iPhone was launched, there have been many copies and spin-offs that have hit the industry. HITS-UK writes for the Apple® range of devices only as the approval process ensures that you receive a quality product in addition to knowing that it was designed by a reputable source. We do not use jailbroken systems and we do not sell through any other process than the App Store. Our products are the result of years of work and liaison with doctors and nurses - listening to what they need as well as using information from patients about what they want to know.


All current programs are temporarily suspended.

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World leading COPD assistance

In use in over 20 countries, providing consistent, accurate data to field and clinic-based health care professionals and priced at less than a cup of coffee.


    Setting the standard by which governments get data

    Unacknowledged, but valid all the same, COPDfast® provided data used to document government policy and recommendations on COPD. This is currently under review.


Data Analysis

Interpretive data for research and academia - part of the COPDfast® suite.